Japanese Cosmetic Brand UPBUTY Will Bring Amortality Surprise to Greater China Area in November

In recent years, the global medical cosmetology has been developed in high speed, solving the skin troubles for numerous beauty lovers. People’s demand on medical cosmetology is also rising continuously. The market scale throughout the whole world is estimated to exceed RMB 1000 billion in 2020. Because professional medical cosmetology has a certain technical risks and side effects, combined with the expensive cost, consumers are increasingly inclined to purchase the safe and convenient small hand-held cosmetic instruments with relatively high cost performance, namely, “micro-cosmetic instrument”. As aresult, consumers can enjoy the cozy private skin care at home.

However, many consumers discover that: On the one hand, the cosmetic instrument purchased by them can not be used with the skin-care products containing essential oil, alcohol and mineral oil and so on. On the other hand, because the ordinary cosmetic instrument has poor performance and weak practical improvement effect, bringing great inconvenience to practical users, UPBUTY is generated to solve this problem of the users, and provide convenient and efficient skin care for users with no medical knowledge, so that users can have the confident beauty brought by age reversed skin.

UPBUTY brand is created and established by UPBUTY Joint-stock Company in Tokyo. All members of its professional team are top medical cosmetology and skin care experts and elites from Japan and the whole world. Through years of concentrated researches, UPBUTY has succeeded in innovating and  veloping the “S-CAVITY” fast deep-layer importing invention patent technology, globally initiated intelligent angle adjustable microcurrent tension instrument, multifunctional tension and dead sea facial mask adsorption cosmetic instrument, super-efficient ceramic s-cavity mask, essential emulsion and other super-efficient importing and exporting instrument, multifunctional RF cold compress ion importing and exporting instrument, professional multifunctional domestic desktop cosmetic instrument and other flagship products, in which, UF20 head-exchangeable warm face-cleaning importing instrument has won the Design Award of Germany IF Cosmetic Product in 2018. Every innovative product of UPBUTY has passed through a large amount clinical tests and user experiences. Both the performance and efficiency of the product are ranked top in the world. It may be said to have powerful momentum. The generation of UPBUTY brand and popularization of its cosmetic products enrich consumers’selections on cosmetic instruments, bring about new concept of intelligent skin care, and greatly improve the efficiency of people’s daily skin protection.

UPBUTY will attend the 23rd Cosmoprof Asia in November,acting as the first step of validating the influential force of its own brand in Greater China area and the application degree of its cosmetic products for Asian skin.

Cosmoprof Asia is hosted by Cosmoprof Asia Co., Ltd., which is jointly contributed by BolognaFiere Group and UBM Asia. UBM Asia is belonged to Informa PLC. It is the world leading B2B information service group and the biggest exhibition host unit in the world. BolognaFiere Group is the endsville trade show organizer, which mainly engages in beautifying, fashion dress, building, art culture and other industries. It has succeeded in holding over 80 local and international events.  

This year, Cosmoprof Asia will continue to carry out the concept of “Two Sites for One Exhibition”: The package area of AsiaWorld-Expo will be named as “Cosmopack Asia”, which will gather various package suppliers in November 13th-15th to display brand-new and excellent package schemes. InNovember 14th-16th, the special area in Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center will be named as “Cosmoprof Asia”, which will gather various finishedcosmetic products, including: cosmetics and personal care products, natural and organic products, products and instruments of professional beauty salons, hair products and instruments,furniture of hair salons, as well as nail products and accessories.

UPBUTY will be exhibited in “Cosmoprof Asia” special area. Its booth is located in 3F-E3A.

The distribution diagram of the exhibition hall of Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center is as follows:

UPBUTY will firstly make a stage pose to the public, skin-care experts and beauty lovers in the booth for the first time in November 14th.

At that time, UPBUTY will adhere to the concept of “science and technology, exploration, mystery”, permeate efficient, convenient and age reversing skin protection vision, fully annotate the brand philosophy of “lift beauty from different angles”, catch the eyesight of the public, and bring about brand-new beautifying and skin-care experience.

In the three-day exhibition arrangement, UPBUTY will lay emphasis on brand sharing and product experiencing, it is indeed a busy schedule.

On November, 14th-the first day of the exhibition, a solemn signing and authorizing ceremony will be held in UPBUTY booth, so as to declare the strategic cooperation relationship with COSMAX, publicize the “S-CAVITY”black technology of UPBUTY. To be the most important, it officially authorizes its operation business in Greater China area to Shenzhen Upbuty Science and Technology Co., Ltd., which possesses excellent operation conditions and management strengths, has a certain prospective experience in the industry, and integrates a series of superior resources in the field. Shenzhen Upbuty Science and Technology Co., Ltd. accepts this glorious mission in a powerful manner. This is also the opening shot of UPBUTY brand development, and is indeed the most clangorous shot in the brand promotion in this year.

UPBUTY reflects its diligent construction and heartfelt activity design in booth, puts great efforts to have each arrangement being permeated with brand philosophy and mission, so that visitors will sense the enjoyment of brand IP and have random experience. UPBUTY intends to integrate product experience and skin-care effect, enabling visitors to understand product function and its high effect, be deeply impressed by the product.

As an emerging brand breaking through the traditional beautifying model, UPBUTY bears the dual characteristics of quick beautifying and efficient skin caring, shoulders the historical mission of redefining beautifying and skin caring. It will capture the eyeballs of the public immediately, enabling users to experience the skin-care charms, fashion and enjoyment brought by high-new technologies. They will fall in love with UPBUTY through participation.

Therefore, UPBUTY team sincerely invites various skin-care masters and beauty lovers in the cosmetology industry to visit the booth, and experience an
magic journey of crossing the time and beautifying your skin.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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